Update RD Power LG


This Tool is LifeTime Activation (Only 1 payment 40USD)

You can buy suscription after download and register in Tool

Download Link at the end

1 Credit = 1 USD Can buy them from Tool

Each User will receive 10 Credits free only 1 time. Ask support to receive after pay

Tool Updates are Free

You can change PC, 2 days after change to a new one

 Supported Models for Root and Unroot:

MP260, TP260 (K20 plus)

H631, MS631 (Stylo)

K550, MS550 (Stylo 2 plus)

TP450, MP450 (Stylo 3 plus)

MS210, M210 (Aristo)

H811 (G4)

K330, MS330 (K7)

X210MA X212TA (Aristo 2) android 7 or downgrade to 10L (No risk),

MS428, K428 (K10) Software Version 10G or lower, 

H830 (G5) version 20A

H918 (V20) Version 10J

LG V20 H918 Oreo Update Root 5 credits (5USD)

LG G6 H872 Oreo Update Root 5 credits (5USD)

LG G5 H830 Oreo Update Root 5 credits (5USD)

Supported Models For Unlock

TP450/MP450 Unlock Free

M210/MS210 Unlock Free

TP260/MP260 Unlock Free

H345/MS345 Unlock 6 Credits (6 USD)

H631/M631 Unlock 6 Credits (6 USD)

Unlock LG Tracfone 6 Credits (6 USD)  L15G+L21G+L33L+L43G+L96G (maybe others if you can root)

LG V20 LS99720A Oreo Sprint Special Unlock 10 Credits (10USD)

LG G6 LS993 Oreo Sprint Special Unlock 5 Credits (5USD)

LG Tribute Empire X220PM Unlock 8 Credits All version supported

Tribute Dinasty SP200 1 credit (1 USD)

LG Xcharge SP320 1 credit (1 USD)

LG Xpower LS755 Unlock Free

LG Stylo 2 LS775 Unlock Free

LG Stylo 4 Boost/Sprint Unlock 8 Credits (Most carrier only 2G), Security patch 2020 no supported..

Permanently lock Unlock 2 credits (M150, X210CM, X210APM, X410as, x410cm, more) Android 7

Sprint Cert Writting (Usefull to Permanent Unlock via UICC) 8 credits. Supported models (X410PM and Q710AL) Newest Security patch, old security need to be updated.

LG MTK New security Imei repair 8 credits.

Others Functions

Generic LG imei repair

ALL LG Security Backup, Wipe, Restore (Root Requiered)

IMS Fix for All LG

Sprint Unlock Over ADB (Tested ls675, LS775, ETC) Would work in many others but not new security like android 8.

APN Option For 95% LG Devices

Network Change to GSM for Many LG Sprint and Verizon

Force Prefered network Mode  (Network Info)

All LG Screen Lock Bypass (Modem Port Needed)

All LG Factory Reset (Modem Port Needed)

All LG Reboot to Download Mode (Modem Port Needed)

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