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This Tool is LifeTime Activation (Only 1 payment 40USD)

You can buy suscription after download and register in Tool

Download Link at the end

1 Credit = 1 USD Can buy them from Tool

Each User will receive 10 Credits free only 1 time.

Tool Updates are Free

You can change PC, 2 days after change to a new one

Supported Models:

Unlock :

Samsung A03S A037U Unlock All bits $6 credits TMB, Metro, Boost will ask 16 Ceros on each reboot

Samsung A13 A136U Unlock All bits $6 credits TMB, Metro, Boost will ask 16 Ceros on each reboot

Samsung A125U Permanent Unlock Bit 2/3 $6 credits

Samsung A12 TMB,Metro,ATT,Cricket,Boost,Verizon,Tracfone For temp Unlock bit 1 and 2 $4 Credits

(Chimera is requiered for imei repairing and patching cert)

Samsung A21 S215DL Unlock Binary 1 to 5 Permanent unlock 6 credits.

T-Mobile Revvl4 5007W/Z Unlock 4 credits

TLC-20xe 5087Z T-Mobile, Metro, Boost, Unlock 4 credits

TCL-20e 6125F Unlock 4 credits

One+ 6T Unlock 6 Credits

Z667T APP device Unlock 4 credits (4USD). Free for no APP device.

Z970 Unlock 4 credits (All firmware version even security corrupted)

Z987 Unlock 4 Credits (All firmware version)

Z855 Unlock 2 credits

Z982 Unlock 2 credits

N9131,N9132. N9136, N9137, N9519, N9560 (Free)

Coolpad 3320A, Coolpad 3622A Unlock (Free)

Z981 Exclusive Root (Unlock By Gcpro)

Coolpad 3632A, 3636A Unlock 4 credits (4USD)

Coolpad 3648A/AT Unlock 4 credits (4USD) all version supported

Kyocera C6742A/C6745/C6740 Unlock 4 Credits (4USD)

MTK Unlock only ADB no root

Nokia Unlock 3 credits

(June 2021 or newer security patch need to flash Md1img File from tool support)

* Nokia C2 Tennen

* Nokia C2 Tava

* Nokia C5 Endi

Alcatel Unlock 3 credits

(June 2021 or newer security patch need to flash Md1img File from tool support)

* Alcatel 5002R Volta / Apprise

* Alcatel 5004R Axel

  • * Alcatel 5004C









* Tinno U202AA ATT Maestro

* Tinno U202AC AIO

* U318AA ATT Calypso

* U705AC Cricket Ovation

* U325AC Cricket Icon 2

* U304AA ATT Radiant Core


* U304AC Cricket Icon

Google Pixel Unlock 4 credits all Carrier

Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 3 XL
Google Pixel 3a
Google Pixel 3a XL
Google Pixel 4
Google Pixel 4 XL
Google Pixel 4a
Google Pixel 4a XL (5G)
Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Wiko unlock 4 credits

  • WIKO W-U300 all version

WIKO W-U307 unlock all version

Motorola Sprint/Boost Unlock 4 Credits


* XT1056 Moto X

* XT1103 Nexus 6

* XT1548 Moto G3

* XT1575 Moto X Style

* XT1766 Moto E4

* XT1776 Moto E4 Plus

* XT1789-3 Moto Z2 Force

* XT1921-5 Moto E5 Play

* XT1922-7 Moto G6 Play

* XT1924-8 Moto E5 Plus

* XT1929-3 Moto Z3 Play

* XT1952-4 Moto G7 Play

* XT2005-4 Moto E6

* XT2052-6 Moto E 7th gen 2020

* XT2093-3 Moto G Play (2021)

* XT2045-3 Moto G Fast 2020

* XT2043-4 Moto G Stylus 2020

* XT2117-4 Moto G Power 2021

* XT2115-1 Moto G Stylus 2021

* XT-2113-2 Moto One 5G Ace 2021

* XT2071-5 Moto Razr 5G 2020

* XT1924-6 Moto E5 Plus

* XT1924-6 Moto E5 Plus

* XT1924-7 Moto E5 Plus

* XT1924-8 Moto E5 Plus

* XT1921-5 Moto E5 Play  

Motorola Factory Unlock Code Generator 1 credit

Cricket/Verizon/xfinity/Spectrum no supported

MTK Generic (4 credits)

Xiaomi Redmi 9
Xiaomi Redmi 9C
Xiaomi Redmi 10 
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10s
Celero 5G Boost
ZTE Vantage 2 Z3153V Verizon
ZTE Avid 579 Z5156CC consumer celular 
ZTE Max 10 Z6250CC consumer celular
T-mobile REVVL V+ 5G
Radiant Max 5G
Motivate 2 EA211002
Cricket Dream 5G EC211001
Cricket Splendor EC211002
EA1002 AT&T Maestro Max
EC1002 Ovation 2

Mediatek Supported Functions

FRP All MTK devices (1 credits)

Bootloader Unlock

Bootloader Relock

Bypass Auth

Backup Security

Write Security

Erase Userdata (Factory Reset)

Read Modem (Md1img)

Write Modem (Md1img)

Read Firmware

Write Firmware

FRP/Flash Firmware/Read Firmware/Counter Reset/EFS Backup/EFS Wipe:

N9131, N9132, N9136, N9137, N9517 , N9518, N9519, N9521, N9560, Z812, Z813, Z815

Z828, Z828TL, Z831, Z832, Z833, Z835, Z835M, Z855, Z836F, Z850, Z955A, Z955L, Z956, Z957, Z958, Blade Vita, Z959Z, 963U, Z965, Z971, Z978, Z981, Z982, Z983, Z988, Z999, K88, A1, A1R, A2017G, A2017U, B2017G, Coolpad 3622A.

Read/Write Security over Root

Remove Screen Lock All Rooted Devices

Read/Write Firmware Partition over root

Read/Write QCN over diag port

Kyocera ADB Enable for Screen Lock, Hard Reset, FRP 3 credits (3 USD)

IMEI Repair for most Qualcom Generic method via Diag Port

All ZTE Unbrick, Change from DFU to EDL Mode


Samsung A125U Bit 3 $5 credits (Unlock Tool license is requiered)

ZTE N9131

ZTE n9132

ZTE N9136

ZTE N9519

ZTE N9560

ZTE Z981


ZTE Z970

ZTE Z987

Coolpad 3622A

Coolpad C3636A

More Features:

Samsung Enable ADB via TestMode *#0011#

FRP ADB Generic Method

Change CSC All Samsung

Enable Diag Root

Bypass RAC/MDM via ADB

Disable Update for Samsung, TCL via ADB

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